Yantian Express reaches its destination Halifax finally

Further to the various articles I have posted on this site about the fire damaged container ship Yantian Express, readers may be happy to hear that the ship has finally reached its destination..

Yantian Express a 7,510-TEU vessel operated by Hapag Lloyd suffered fire on board in early January while on its way from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Halifax, Canada.. The ship was carrying around 3,875 containers at the time of the incident of which 320 containers were a total loss..

Yantian Express finally reached Halifax on the 20th of May 2019..

Yantian Express fire

Hapag Lloyd declared General Average and the ship proceed to Freeport, Bahamas for repairs..


Alliance partner ONE said that the discharge operations for the vessel would commence on the 21st of May in Halifax, but said that “Due to the complexity of the discharge operations in Halifax, it is expected that this alone could take up to two weeks. Therefore, the focus of the operations in Halifax will be to expedite the delivery of cargo.

ONE also warned that any containers still without salvage and general security posted will not be permitted to move beyond Halifax..

As per General Average rules, cargo interests are responsible and liable for all costs and charges associated with their cargo, including freight, demurrage, general average security and salvage security, ONE said..

Cargoes belonging to customers who have arranged salvage and general average security and eligible for release are expected to be delivered in the usual way under the regular contract of carriage..

Once discharge is completed, the Yantian Express is expected to move to a Chinese repair yard for final repair work around August..

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