Want to ship liquid cargo in bulk in a container..?? No problem..

You did read the title correctly.. Do you want to ship liquid cargo in bulk in a container..??

No problem.. Thanks to innovative ideas it seems there is a solution to everything (well almost everything) in shipping and freight..

In one of my previous articles I wrote about What is a Flexi Tank and in another article I wrote about What is a Reefer Container..

Now in what may be considered as a unique mix of these two, on the occasion of the 2018 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin, CMA-CGM has announced the the launch of a new and unique system called REEFLEX (A clever play on words (and capabilities) of a REEfer and FLEXitank) for the transportation of liquid cargo in bulk in a container under a controlled temperature..

As per a CMA-CGM news release

REEFLEX, a world innovation for the transportation of liquid products

Developed in partnership with Teconja, a German expert in juices, and Liqua, an expert in packaging solutions for the transportation of liquids, REEFLEX greatly enhances the transportation of liquids thanks to its design and unique technology, which guarantees a healthy and safe way of transportation.

An ideal solution of transportation and an alternative to break bulk

REEFLEX allows for the transportation of liquids (juices, milk, compotes, syrup and all kind of oils) in a single bag with a capacity ranging from 12,000 to 24,000 liters. Available on Reefer containers of 40 feet, REEFLEX is installed in just 3 minutes. Thanks to its external pumping system, the bag is filled and emptied in 35 minutes thanks to its adapted design. REEFLEX represents an ideal alternative to break bulk and it will allow exporters and importers to carry their goods by containers, thus improving the conditions of transportation and delivery.

A technology that respects and helps preserve all the product’s qualities

Moreover, REEFLEX helps maintain the product’s nutritional and chemical properties thanks to a sterile environment and controlled temperatures precisely maintained between -35°C and +20°C. Each single-use bag is entirely recyclable, is produced based on the needs of customers and meets the highest level of hygienic and safety constraints. Its system allows to fill up and empty the bag without someone being present in the container during these operations.

CMA CGM, a world leader in Reefer

The second largest Reefer carrier in the world, CMA CGM continues to develop the most innovative solutions in maritime transportation in order to guarantee its customers the best technologies towards a more respectful transportation of the most fragile products.

In this strategic and highly technical sector, the Group relies on its vast network of experts in more than 160 countries as well as its large fleet of refrigerated containers, which benefits from the latest technologies in order to exceed he customer’s needs for the transportation of these delicate products.

On the occasion of the launch of REEFLEX, Eric Legros, Deputy Vice President Reefer, declared: “CMA CGM owns one of the largest and most modern Reefer fleet in the world. A pioneer with Aquaviva, a unique solution for the transportation of lobsters and shellfish, the Group continues to innovate with the introduction of REEFLEX, a state-of-the-art technology for an optimal transportation of liquids.”

They have also released a video on this product which you can see below..

Don’t you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the shipping and freight industry..

Source : CMA-CGM

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