Update on Yantian Express – fire and general average

Further to our previous update on Yantian Express and its General Average situation, new information available from ONE states that the vessel repairs are now nearing completion and a declaration of seaworthiness is expected shortly for the vessel..

The Yantian Express has been in Freeport, Bahamas since early February 2019 after it went up in flames on the 3rd of Jan 2019 while on its way from Colombo to Halifax via the Suez Canal..

On January 25, 2019, Hapag Lloyd declared “General Average” for the Yantian Express and Salvors SMIT Salvage Americas, LLC had set an early security demand in order to expedite the collection of salvage security and to facilitate on-carriage of cargo to destination..

As per the latest information, although the deadline for submission has long expired, the indications are that General Average and Salvage security has still not been posted for about one third of containers concerned..

In order to assist the progress of vessel operational proceedings and salvage company approval, the lines are appealing to all cargo interests to provide the requested General Average and Salvage security in order to allow the containers to be delivered..


It is in the interest of all cargo owners to submit the required securities as otherwise, apart from not receiving their cargoes, the delays could mean higher costs for customers still wanting to retrieve the cargo that is on board..

Yantian Express - General Average - shipping and freight resource

In the meantime, pending final technical approval of vessel class and refitting of hatch covers, the Yantian Express is expected to depart from Freeport, Bahamas in the first half of May 2019 with the balance of cargo that is still on board..

The vessel is expected proceed to Halifax, Nova Scotia (original destination) for delivery of remaining containers onboard.. The exact date is expected to be confirmed once forward schedule and terminal arrangements have been finally concluded, said ONE..


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