The story of two brothers and an autonomous ship.. Must read..

This is the story of two brothers and an autonomous ship (well kind of) named HMS Adventure..

Brothers Ollie (8 yrs) and Harry (6 yrs) are kind of making history as they sail their “fully autonomous” ship HMS Adventure across the oceans..

Ollie Ferguson and his brother Harry Ferguson of Peterhead, Scotland kitted their Playmobil ship with a counterweight to help it stay afloat and filled the hull with polystyrene for buoyancy.. The boys also installed a tracker on the ship along with their contact information and a message asking anyone who finds it to launch it back into the sea..

After several tests and adjustments, they launched HMS Adventure from Peterhead into the North Sea in May 2017..

This ship has since sailed way beyond anyone’s dreams for almost a year and as of the date of this article, the ship is said to be in the land of Calypso music, Reggae, Sunshine and not forgetting the Rum..!!! Yes, the Caribbean..

As per today’s tracking the ship is around Bridgetown, Barbados in the Caribbean.. You can track the current position on

HMS Adventure - tracking

You can track it in realtime on

Here is a synopsis of the journey of HMS Adventure so far..

After its departure from Peterhead, the HMS Adventure sailed 390 miles all the way to Denmark where it washed ashore.. A couple saw the ship, read the note and promptly set it back on sea..

A month later, it reached Sweden where it got stuck on a seashore rock but was thankfully found by Aksel a kind Swede who repaired and replaced the sail which was broken and after repairs set it out on the ocean again..

The HMS Adventure came in contact with fully-rigged Norwegian ship Christian Radich whose crew immediately fell in love with the ship.. They repaired the broken parts and decided to take the ship 3,000 miles into the Atlantic Ocean..

HMS Adventure

HMS Adventure

After two months of sailing, the HMS Adventure was dropped off in Morocco and along its journey the HMS Adventure is said to have endured waves of up to 65 feet..

The HMS Adventure’s Atlantic adventure commenced around 100 miles off Mauritania in West Africa..

From there it got to within 100 miles off Guyana in South America, a distance of around 2800 miles in 5 months..

It was subsequently swept up in the strong currents which moved it towards the Bahamas and as mentioned above, is currently in the vicinity of Bridgetown, Barbados..

But apparently there has been some issues with the battery levels and missed pings from the HMS Adventure and there is talk about sending a rescue mission, well at least 86% of the 805 who voted seem to think there is a need to launch a rescue mission..

Is it just heart warming to see, hear and follow a simple act like this..

You can view all of this and what else these two adventurers are up to on their Facebook Page..

Here are some of the images of the adventure as shared by Ricardo Fermín on LinkedIn,,, and The Scots Magazine..

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The adventure of HMS Adventure has also been broadcasted on BBC..

A big shout out and salute to these two adventurers.. All the best boys and all the best to HMS Adventure..





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