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SOLAS VGM – probably a term which may have slipped many people’s minds as it seems to have successfully integrated itself into the mainstream container shipping process since its mandatory implementation in July 2016..

Now it seems to be back, but in a good way though..

In July 2016, the International Maritime Organization’s mandatory container weighing requirement came into effect under SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea convention) Chapter VI Regulation 2..

As per this regulation, all shipping containers were to be weighed and the weight information (Verified Gross Mass) provided to the shipping lines..

This requirement came on the back of continued misdeclaration of weights by shippers many of which resulted in incidents at sea causing loss of property and/or lives..

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The regulation allowed shippers to provide the VGM to the carriers using two different methods

Weigh the packed container using calibrated and certified weighing equipment like a weighbridge to get the VGM
Weigh the cargo, dunnage, lashing material and add the tare weight of the container to get the VGM

Although there has not been any real comments or incidents relating to the misdeclaration of weights after the implementation of the SOLAS VGM regulation in 2016, it has been reported that shipping industry has been struggling with Method 1, as physically weighing every shipping container requires significant efforts and costly, space-consuming scales..

Well, it seems there is a solution for that..

Loginno, the creators of Contopia Labs, a world-unique innovation research facility for smart containers and the first Smart Container Innovation Lab, have created a new technology which is said to make traditional weighing methods obsolete..

As per Loginno, their technology which has just been granted a patent will provide accurate weighing of smart shipping containers as the new standard, without the need for any external equipment.. Yes, you read that right..

scale-less container weighing

As per Amit Aflalo, the founder of Loginno, “Loginno remains committed to bringing to the market the most advanced technological container fleet digitalization solution out there. 

We have already successfully demonstrated a self-sustaining “brain” for a shipping container, and are now moving on to several more unique and exciting features of our container brain, that are exclusive to Loginno and Contopia, like the now patented scale-less SOLAS VGM weighing.

In what is said to be their most impressive tech yet, Loginno’s solution will combine container acoustics and vibration using the location of the sensor in the container vent to measure the weight..

Says Shachar Tal, Loginno Founder: ‎‎”This patent allowance of Loginno’s scale-less weighing feature is what many of our stakeholders are waiting for. 


Effortlessly weighing shipping containers had become a necessity and we are happy that Loginno and Contopia will be able to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

This also means that shippers and shipping companies who are entering a partnership with us, will have access to this unique technology among many others; a true advantage of the Contopia technology and business model”.

This newly granted patent joins a portfolio of other Contopia patents already recognized by the market.. Most notably, the use of a shipping container vent cover for theft detection, theft prevention, and logistics management..

Loginno is currently in the process of partnering with global shipping lines to further develop and trial the technology as part of its Contopia Labs initiative – a world where every shipping container is connected in real-time using IoT..

As part of this intiative, in June 2019, they selected Log-In Logistica, through a competition, to be the first shipping line in the world to have their entire fleet of 20,000 containers converted to a fully smart IoT-enabled shipping container fleet..

With this newly patented weighing technology, Log-in Logistica will also be the first shipping company to offer Loginno’s unique SOLAS VGM weighing service bringing even more value to their customers and partners..

Whoever said shipping is not interesting, especially in this age of digitalisation and technology..

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