Fire stricken Maersk Honam on its way to be resurrected

Previously we reported that Maersk Line revealed plans that the fire-stricken Maersk Honam will be resurrected in South Korea..

According to Maersk, a 228.5m long sound section of the ship, from mid-ship to stern, was transported from Dubai Drydocks to South Korea on the Xin Guan Hua a heavy lift vessel operated by Cosco specialising in such movements..

This portion of the ship is being taken back to the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea where it was originally built and here the ship will get a new forward section including accommodation blocks..

Here are some pictures of that movement..

In these pictures, you can see the 228.5m long sound section of the Maersk Honam being pulled and pushed by tugs in place to be lifted by the Xin Guan Hua..


They make it all look so easy don’t they.. Don’t be fooled even for a second into believing that these activities are easy as it looks..

All these are handled by highly experienced, trained and versatile individuals and companies.. This requires massive cooperation, communication and commitment from everyone concerned..

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Splash 247 is reporting that the ship is currently transiting off Sri Lanka on its way to Ulsan..


Fire stricken Maersk Honam on its way to be resurrected - shipping and freight resource

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