LogistaaS launches a CRM for freight and shipping industries

Kareem Naouri, LogistaaSs co-founder and CEO.

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LogistaaS has launched a new standalone Customers Relationship Management (CRM) solution that has been exclusively designed for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and shipping companies.

The new CRM product allows companies to save and retrieve information about their customers, their agents, and the carriers and subcontractors they work with. It also allows sales teams to log their daily activities, set reminders for next actions, and pass the inquiries they receive from their customers to the users in charge of pricing.

These users will then price these inquiries, generate offers, and monitor the progress of a quotation until it is either accepted or rejected by the customer. The system also keeps track of the company’s history with every client, and can tell you which customers are likely to have been lost or are not being sufficiently followed-up with by their account managers.

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“Traditional CRM software, no matter how popular or expensive, will never provide a spot-on solution for the unique sales cycle in the shipping and freight industries”, said Kareem Naouri, LogistaaS’s co-founder and CEO.

“We noticed that many companies loved the CRM module that is part of LogistaaS’s freight management solution, but for one reason or another, they couldn’t sign up for the full solution. That is why we decided to spin-off an independent CRM product for companies that are looking to automate their sales processes without changing their core freight management system,” he added.

LogistaaS launched its signature freight management solution in the beginning of 2016, and today has offices in Dubai and in Amman, with companies using its solution in over 20 countries. LogistaaS’s freight management solution is integrated with 50+ shipping lines and 90+ airlines, and comes with modules for customer relationship management, inquiries and offers management, and transport management.

Every company using the system can provide its customers with an online portal, where they can sign in, view the status of their shipments, check their invoices, and send new inquiries.

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